Rosie Jackson

Rosie Jackson


Rosie will work with you on individual writing projects at any stage, from finding ideas and inspiration, planning and plotting, to sustaining, completing and submitting work. This includes poetry, memoir, short stories, novels, biography, scholarly studies, articles, copywriting and creative non-fiction. 

She reads material carefully but promptly and offers specific, detailed, realistic and constructive critique. 

'Rosie is incredibly truthful, giving high praise where merited and bold feedback when your writing doesn’t work. She has been supporting my writing for over twenty years. I am incredibly grateful to her for sharing her gifts with me, especially when I wrote The Cancer Whisperer, which has become a bestseller in the UK and is being published in the US by Penguin Random House in 2017. She was the first person I went to for guidance when I was writing it and played a significant part in making it the best book it could be.' Sophie Sabbage, author of The Cancer Whisperer, 2016

Fees depend on the length and nature of work. If you send a word count and description of the project, Rosie will give you a quote and time scale.

`I contacted Rosie because I wanted a mentor to guide me in the draft of a novel I'm writing. She has been spectacularly helpful - thoughtful, generous and very clear in her vision of how I can make improvements.' 
Veronica Birch, Frome 2013   

`Since working with Rosie, I've gone from strength to strength, winning two categories of Writers of the Year competition run by Writers Inc. I've also had short stories and travel articles published. She's an inspirational and supportive tutor, able to draw out everyone's talents.'  
Eithne Nightingale, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

‘If you are looking for an exceptional editor, Rosie is worth her weight in gold.’     Sophie Sabbage   The Cancer Whisperer,  2016

‘If you are looking for an exceptional editor, Rosie is worth her weight in gold.’ 

Sophie Sabbage
The Cancer Whisperer, 2016