Sculpture by Andrew Whittle of Rosie Jackson's poem 'On Days Like This', 2011

Sculpture by Andrew Whittle of Rosie Jackson's poem 'On Days Like This', 2011


`… fluid, eloquent poems… Rosie Jackson has an emotional range which encompasses tragedy as well as curiosity and delight.’ Helen Dunmore

 ‘Jackson’s work has the ring of a confident poet writing at the height of her powers…’ Wendy Klein, London Grip 2016

 ‘Stonking good poems.’ Jo Bell

Rosie started sharing her poetry ten years ago, first at the Frome Poetry Café, then in Bath and other venues in the South West. In 2011, her poem ‘On Days Like This’ was made into a copper sculpture by Andrew Whittle for the grounds of Glendinning Health Unit, Maiden Castle Road, Dorchester. That year too she had a short writing residency at Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery and became fascinated by the work of visionary English artist Stanley Spencer. This led to a body of poems inspired by Spencer and his first wife Hilda Carline, as well as to many pieces which take art as a starting point.

Her pamphlet What the Ground Holds appeared from Poetry Salzburg in 2014. Her book The Light Box was published by Cultured Llama in 2016. She is a founding member of the Knucklebone Poets, Bath and a member of the Subversif Poets, Bath. She belongs to the Poetry Society and runs the Frome Stanza Group.

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 'It’s a long time since I was so enchanted with a body of poems; these haunt my imagination with their deft sleights-of-hand, shifting personae, lightly-handled depths of wit, heart-intelligence, compassion, perceptiveness. They intrigue, seduce, move, invite question. What I particularly enjoy is what gives Jackson's work its strength and rarity: her merging of the numinous with the power of the sensory world.’ Roselle Angwin

Artists Annette Burkitt, Kate Cochrane and Geraldine McLoughlin took poems from The Light Box and turned them into visual works in November 2016.

Rosie’s poems have been published in Acumen, Ambit, Domestic Cherry, Frogmore Papers, Poetry Salzburg Review, Scintilla, Tears in the Fence, The Interpreter’s House, online in Fat Damsel and the IMPpress; and various anthologies – Templar’s Peloton Anthology, 2013; The Listening Walk, Bath, 2013; Ghost Notes, Oxford’s Albion Press, 2015; Salt on the Wind (Poems in tribute to Ruth Stone), Elephant's Footprint, 2015; From Palette to Pen, Holburne Museum, Bath, 2016.