The Light Box

Cultured Llama, 2016

Passionate poems about art, love, loss, death, radiance, mixing the playful and serious, the mythical and personal, this world and the next.

The book’s six sections are prefaced by poems about the work and life of artist Stanley Spencer and his first wife Hilda, leading into explorations of gender, sexuality, spirituality, our mortal and immortal selves. 

‘Stonking good poems.’ Jo Bell

‘Jackson’s use of language is vivid, rich and fresh. She seems to write free verse as naturally as breathing, but when she drops into form, it is of equal perfection… Rosie Jackson sees into the hearts and minds of her subjects, alive, dead or imagined, in a way that is not unflinching, but beyond flinching… This extraordinary collection filled me with envy and joy in equal quantities. Read it and see.' Wendy Klein, London Grip, June 2016

‘Detail after stunning detail exposes rapture, fear, longing. These poems will make your battered heart beat fast again.’ Claire Crowther

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