The Glass Mother

Unthank Books, 2016

Rosie’s moving and compassionate personal story: her academic success and career at the University of East Anglia and elsewhere, separation from her beloved son when he was three, her travels, spiritual journey and ultimate reconciliation and reparation with her son.
Raw and honest, shot through with humour and
powerful insight.

‘Rich, brave, engaging... a far-reaching and thought-provoking memoir.’ Jane Rusbridge

'Rosie Jackson is a fine, fine writer and I feel this book is very significant. I hope her great heart and mind touch thousands, and that you allow her hard-fought wings to lift you nearer to the sun.’ Daniel Ladinsky

‘Intense recall of a life passionately lived. With vivid dialogue and pointed humour, Rosie Jackson’s moving and engrossing memoir explores the divisions in her experience, tracks her relationship with the son from whom she was parted, and gives a telling critique of academia. She reaches at last a generous understanding of her own difficult childhood and the discovering of a larger life through devotion.’ Professor Dame Gillian Beer

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