Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion 

First published by Methuen, 1981

An influential study of fantastic narrative from Gothic fiction onwards, including Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher through the Brontës, Dickens and Victorian fiction to Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Calvino and Pynchon. A classic text on the subject, Fantasy is still set for undergraduate literature courses world-wide, and has been translated into Spanish, Italian and Korean. 

‘An excellent complement to Todorov's ideas on the Fantastic. Easily written and therefore easily read, this book contains a flow of ideas to work with the fantastic and give it its denied place amongst critical literature.’ Alexei V. Lopez Enriquez, 2016

‘This is one of my favorite theory books, not too heavy handed and some really thoughtful work. I just loved it, especially Dr. Jackson's ideas about the Faust and Frankenstein legends. Anyone who's looking for something to start with regarding the fantasy and horror genres should really pick this one up. It's really great!’ Tommy Dasti, 2001